Work With Us

The Colorado Cyberbiofoundry engages in academic and industry partnerships.

We are always interested in hearing from the scientific community about more projects or ideas for collaborative research. 


Academic Partnerships

  • You have funding for a project that could benefit from a HIGH-THROUGHPUT APPROACH and you need help managing the processes and the data. CONTACT US to discuss how we could help you streamline your operation to collect more and better data with your budget.
  • You have an idea of a project that could benefit from a high-throughput approach and you need a partner to make your vision a reality. CONTACT US to discuss teaming arrangements to submit a proposal to get your project funded.

Corporate Partnerships

  • You are interested in learning more about methods to scale up research and development. CONTACT US to learn more about how you can support a graduate student.
  • You are interested in training your team in high-throughput operations. CONTACT US to discuss the development of a custom training program.
  • You are interested in a specific research project that would benefit from the Biofoundry infrastructure. CONTACT US to discuss sponsored research options.


With Us