The Colorado Cyberbiofoundry is a distributed infrastructure to support high-throughput projects through collaborations across the Colorado State University’s campus and beyond. 

What We Offer


We have the following capabilities which allow us to work on a diverse range of projects including high=throughput yeast genetics, microbiome engineering, and biomanufacturing.




We can help you conduct high-throughput genetic screens at any scale to assess gene function and interactions or to build reliable models. Our expertise includes mutant library design and construction, phenotyping assay development and data management and analysis.





Our software and automation capabilities enable a high-throughput, combinatorial approach to vector design and strain engineering, which permits the rapid development of construct libraries and novel strains.





We can help you improve the performance of your vector or strain using efficiently designed high-throughput and automated pipelines.




The rapidly changing landscape of scientific progression leaves behind those that fail to utilize creative solutions and modern techniques. In the age of automation and high throughput, successful groups are moving away from small scale projects. To remain competitive for funding and eligible for innovative, cross-disciplinary collaborations, we believe researchers should prioritize expanding capabilities and increasing output.  We have managed to do this by utilizing innovative genetic tools such as CRISPR and by applying manufacturing principles to life sciences workflows in our academic and industrial collaborations to elevate productivity, increase data production, and improve data management necessary for larger scale projects.


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