A distributed infrastructure enabling high-throughput projects through collaborations and data integration.

The Colorado Cyberbiofoundry is a project-focused and collaborative group including members from multiple colleges at Colorado State University. We aim to maximize capabilities on campus and improve opportunities for collaboration, particularly for high-throughput yeast genetics, microbiome engineering, and biomanufacturing projects.

Our unique approach focuses on applying manufacturing principles to life sciences workflows and project management in a decentralized group.


  • High-throughput yeast strain engineering
  • High-throughput strain engineering
  • Combinatorial plasmid design and construction
  • High-throughput organism phenotyping
  • Colony picking


  • Integrate common software infrastructure
  • Enable rapid real-time data analysis 
  • Employ manufacturing principles and techniques in biological workflows 
  • Engage industry partners 
  • Foster cross-foundry collaborations with other Global Biofoundaries Alliance members

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The Colorado Cyberbiofoundry is

interested in academic and industry

collaborative research.